Saturday, November 20, 2010

All Day

Whenever I hear someone say the word "Mashups" I usually run away. Then there's GirlTalk's newest album "All Day". It sounds tacky, and almost all the rap music on it is horrible, ranging from car paint jobs to how much swag one possesses. I'm pretty sure hearing Rihanna sing over Fugazi is a crime against everything holy in the music world...And that is why I love it! He doesn't give a shit, he's not trying to create some work of art to stand the test of time. Even though melting the percussion of ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky" into Juicy J and Project Pat's "Twerk" is a piece of art by itself. Anyways if you haven't heard it yet, take a listen. You won't regret it. Download it here for free.


booby tassles said...

ice cream paint job

Petunia said...

cream on the inside clean on the outside