Monday, November 22, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

Hot man in blue at my apartment pool - w4m - 24 (Sanford)
To the gorgeous man in blue at my apartments pool, that Speedo accentuated your booty perfectly, don't mind my 8 month pregnant belly, I'd love to meet you anyway. Please come back to my pool on Friday night, I want to get to know you more.

RE: Hot man in blue at my apartment pool - w4m - 24 (Sanford) - 35 (Sanford)
Babygirl; you can be my preggo Playboy Bun=Bun anyday. I will see you Friday. You'll know me...the man with the anaconda in the blue banana hammock. ♫ Let's get it on.... ♫

shorter Avril Lavigne looking girl ar Publix - m4w - 28 (Gainesville)
I was walking behind you at the main street Publix. Even though you never veered into the aisle where I could grab the shampoo I was after, I remained behind you, helplessly floating amid your bouquet like Pepe Le Pew in a painted cat's perfume. You had a childish purple streak in your hair, and the backs of your knees should belong to a gazelle, not a human. You strode like an invincible American girl, all 5 feet of you (nothing more). If you didn't just meander away from dance school, it's just as well--who could get any dancing done with a girl like you about? You never saw me, but I was so absorbed with the backs of your knees I'm certain they started to tingle a little. I'm the not-ugly guy responsible for the backs of your knees tingling. I guarantee I love you, but you probably get that all the time.

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