Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shopping in Helen, GA

Went shopping in Helen, Georgia

Get your priorites straight

Toilet Horseshoes and Trailer Park Pride

Rebel Kitty


So none of us knew what a "Pablum Belly" meant...other then it could be confused for a Poo-Poo fuel tank. After some wikipedia research I discovered this...So this shirt is pretty outdated, I guess?

is a processed cereal for infants originally marketed by the Mead Johnson Company in 1931. The trademarked name is a contracted form of the Latin word pabulum, meaning "foodstuff", which had long been used in botany and medicine to refer to nutrition, or substances of which the nutritive elements are passively absorbed.

This is hands down my favorite! First off it's a long sleeve T-shirt. Second, it's black, neon green, yellow, and purple. Then there's the obvious, "Christian Girl" with an upside down cross??? What the fuck! Did the screen printer have the cross upside down? Even after that, how did anyone look at this and say... "Welp, maybe we can sell it to all the long sleeve wearing ironic anti-christs".


Anonymous said...

Every time I Visited the south, I was amazed at the amount of idiotic but awesome t-shirts and hats.


Petunia said...

This is just a few...this place was chock full of em

booby tassles said...

That christian girl shirt is gold. I should have bought it, I am an ironic anti-christ after all.

cut throat said...

I don't know how you didn't walk away with all those shirts.
Please tell me Taylor bought the Christian Girl shirt....