Monday, November 29, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

You saw me bust my ass - m4w - 20 (Union & 13th)
I seriously over corrected on my brake and caught my bike on my groin. That kinda sucked. You said it happens to the best of us. Definitely made me feel better about the whole thing. But the awkwardness waiting for the light was pretty painful. Figured if you ever read this maybe we could hit up Hawthorne. Your Nishiki looked cool and you would probably dust me but it would be fun.

Hot looking brunette with mini skirt - m4w - 47 (sanford airport)
I was the TSA that did the enhanced patdown on you.You were smiling the whole time so i thought you enjoyed the patdown.I even got a moan out of you when i checked between your thighs and found out you were not wearing any panties and also you were very wet.If you would like to have some more patdown play sometime.Email me.

Cheeseburger Man - w4m - 52 (Warehouse)
I was walking along by the old warehouse and I saw you there, rubbing yourself with two cheeseburgers. You told me you wanted to marry them, but secretly I wished it was me you wanted to marry. But, unfortunetly, I was too shy to get your number. You were a little drunk. And homeless. if you see me!!!! ;) MARRY ME CHEESEBURGER MAN.

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