Monday, November 8, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

Jack the Clown 10/30 - w4m - 20 (HHN 2010)
Despite the mask and the makeup, the chats we had during the slow moments of photo ops were pretty awesome. I'd love to hang out with you out of costume. If you think this is you, reply with the name of the country I grew up in.

You were a sexy nurse downtown Halloween - m4w (Downtown Orlando)
You were with some friends and walking ahead of them as a couple of them were dancing in the street. we made eye contact and i wanted to talk but my friends pulled me away to go home before I could say a word. I really wanted to tell you that you have absolutely perfect tits and I would love to take you out sometime.

lets whip our hair - m4w - 23 (The Atlantic, 10/28)
we were dancin' pretty hard all night long and you kept putting your hands on me. you had on a striped shirt and jacket. i was feelin you cause you were doin you. that fresh willow smith track came on and you said, "I know this dance." and started rockin haaaarrrrrrddd. whippin all over. then u punched yourself in the face and disappeared, bleeding, into the crowd. i just wanted to stick my tongue in yo mouth. holla if you want to do the same 2 me.

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