Monday, January 10, 2011

Missed Connection Mondays

I saw your band play in Hot Topic - w4m - 21
I can't recall the name of your band... But it was something involving birds? You sang and played guitar. I happened to walk in on your set while looking for a pair of undies. I don't know if you noticed me but I was wearing a lama skin jacket. You were so super dreamy with your luscious eyes and long locks. I could listen to your sweet voice for eternity. I hope you see this! I'd love to give you a sponge bath ;-)

Ashton Krush - w4m - 31
You do gay porn on the internet. You're hot and you mentioned you lived in Fort Lauderdale. You said you're bi-sexual. You're my type physically! Email if interested in meeting sometime.

Hott girl walk'n dog on Miramar in sum Black Uggs, Sexy!!!! - m4w - 24 (Indiatlantic)
You were walkin ur dog on miramar in indiatlantic. u were wearin all blk with sum curly hair n sum blk uggs.. i must say i think u r the finest thing ever... message me if you want to get fucked while wearing your uggs na nah na nah!

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