Monday, January 31, 2011

Missed Connection Mondays

strip club - m4w
sorry i passed out in the middle of the private dances. hammered.

"paris hilton" at gasparillia - m4w - 34 (borien,ashley)
We were talking while waiting for the parade and having rum runners.Then the fat lady on the scooter tried to run over my ankle because you had "her" beads. Clearly good times were had.

to the girl who ripped me off - m4w - 23 (Beach blvd)
To the hooker name delores, i want my 15 bucks back. you smelled like shit and i had to fake the orgasm. Meet me at 11 pm at the Bojangles we met the first time with my money Bitch !!!!


booby tassles said...

have you seen those private dances? performing that while someone is sleeping could be constituted as rape and/or battery.

Petunia said...

you can't rape the willing...I mean sleeping