Monday, January 24, 2011

Missed Connection Mondays

Dancing and .................Touching - m4w - 41 (Tampa)
You were younger and married - I was older and couldn't resist. It started out very innocent and friendly and then it progressed. we eventually left your friends and found a dark corner. We couldn't keep our hands and mouths off one another and you finally ran off after I spoiled you under the table! Interested in more...................send me a note!

Girls Can Tell - w4m - 26 (Downtown Gainesville)
I left the music shop with a smile on my face. Still smiling, I got in my car and before putting my new music in the player, I glanced in the rear view mirror and caught my smile, unfortunately plagued with... what was that? Pepper? It's usually pepper with me. Awesome. Glad I didn't ask you out with pepper teeth, but you should know that I wanted to.

Blond Skateboarding Boy - w4m - 20 (Plaza of the Americas)
I saw you go by the Plaza of the Americas around 4:30pm on Tuesday, Jan 18th. You did a trick from your board that I saw from the car and it looked pretty sweet. I think you were wearing jeans and maybe a white or gray shirt. You seem really cool, I'd like to chill with you.

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