Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Craze!!!

Brothas from different Mothas

Fuzzy Navel appetizer

Countdown begins...

High Class

Double Palming

Blowin shit up

The Three Amigos

Let there be light

Twisted fire starter

Zach and Joe

Swag officially set to full blast

Things were getting freaky outside

Then on to another party

Matt Pleasant arrives

The hostess and the king of salsa

Jell-O shots in 2011


Ain't nuthin but a G-Thang

Speaks for itself

Dockery means business

Slowly fading away

Group hugs

Alex arrives

Champagne was in order

Empanada's straight from Argentina?

Then there was dancing!

whoops, sort of

Alright here we gooooo

and we're out!!

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